MIX07 Session Videos http://sessions.visitmix.com Welcome to the MIX07 Session Videos RSS Feed! en-us Copyright Microsoft Corporation 2007 http://sessions.visitmix.com/rss Mon, 7 May 2007 09:39:09 EST Speaker http://sessions.visitmix.com/img/mix07logo.png http://sessions.visitmix.com MIX07 Update! We hope you are still enjoying all of the great content from MIX07! Over the last month we have been refining the session recording experience so you may have noticed some site upgrades here and there.<br><br> Today we are pleased to announce one more big upgrade to the Silverlight edition of the videos. When you view recordings in Silverlight you will now see a video of the presenter(s) side-by-side with the feed of the demo/PowerPoint presentation. It’s like being in the audience!<br><br> Also be sure to hover your mouse over the video to see the cool thumbnail overlay feature of the Silverlight video player in action. Needless to say, even we are having fun exploring the new capabilities of Silverlight!<br><br> We hope to see you next year at MIX08!<br><br> Tue, 3 Jul 2007 16:58:00 EST Welcome to the MIX07 Session Videos RSS Feed! By subscribing to this feed you can receive notifications any time a new MIX07 session recording goes live.<br><br> Due to the <strong>SOLD OUT</strong> status of MIX07, we are planning on making recordings of all sessions available by the very next day! Each RSS entry after this one will contain the link to a session recording page where you can download the recording in your favorite video format and watch the session in Windows Media Player, on your Zune, with your video-capable iPod, or even using the brand new Microsoft Silverlight technology.<br><br> So stay tuned as we bring the MIX07 Vegas experience straight to you... minus the gambling, showgirls, and dancing fountains of course.<br><br> For more exciting news from MIX07, including on-site interviews and videos featuring partner demos, be sure to check out <a href="http://www.visitmix.com">http://www.visitmix.com</a>.<br><br> Mon, 30 Apr 2007 08:00:00 EST DES03 - Designing with Microsoft Expression Web: Today and Tomorrow <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Boris Feldman, Erik Saltwell<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Microsoft Expression Web 1.0 is still hot off the presses. Come and get in-depth tips and tricks on this great standards-based design tool. In addition, get a preview of the direction we're taking as version 2.0 expands its universe beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and puts Silverlight, PHP, and ASP.NET within reach. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1505&search=DES03&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DES02 - Building Rich Web Experience with Silverlight and Microsoft Expression Studio for Designers <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Celso Gomes<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Whether you're animating 2D objects, simulating 3D environments, or creating broadcast-style video experiences, this session shows you the ins and outs of how to create stunning looking sites and Web experiences with Silverlight and Microsoft Expression Studio. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1504&search=DES02&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV06 - Internet Sites with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Tyler Butler<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn about the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server enhancements that enable Internet-facing applications and how to take advantage of the content management and site publishing capabilities it offers. We take you from out-of-the-box functionality to custom-developed extensibility options. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1515&search=DEV06&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV11 - Building Rich Web Experiences Using Silverlight and JavaScript for Developers <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Joe Stegman<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Windows Presentation Foundation 'Everywhere' (codename) is Microsoft's solution for delivering rich, cross-platform interactive experiences for the Web and beyond. WPF/E will enable the creation of rich, visually stunning and interactive content and applications that run on multiple browsers and operating systems. In this session, learn more about the benefits of WPF/E from a developer perspective and get an introduction to building WPF/E applications using JavaScript and Microsoft developer and designer tools. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1520&search=DEV11&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV13 - Creating and Delivering Rich Media and Video on the Web with Silverlight, Microsoft Expression Studio, and Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Brad Abrams, Chris Knowlton, James Clarke<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Customer demands for richer UX, multi-platform support, and higher quality video are continually factors in cost of delivery. Learn how you can use Silverlight, Microsoft Expression Studio, ASP.NET and new features for Windows Server codename "Longhorn", separately or together to improve the end-user experience, reduce the cost of video and rich media delivery, and provide monetization opportunities for companies of all sizes. This session is intended for anyone involved in the creation, management, and experience of digital media on the Web. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1522&search=DEV13&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN02 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Scrubbing Your AJAX <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Daniel Egan, Dennis Hurst, Joshua J. Pennell, Scott Isaacs<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Learn how AJAX is being used for good and evil. See where to find vulnerabilities (hint: not just in the code). Discuss methods others are using to overcome challenges and methods for securing AJAX-based applications. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2015&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1535&search=PAN02&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN03 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Digital Identity and the Psychology of Security <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Kaliya Hamlin, Kim Cameron, Laurie Rae, Marc Canter, Scott Kveton<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Identity is our most valuable possession, but a missing layer on the Internet today. Discuss how others are working to reduce the episodes of theft and deception that will cumulatively erode public trust in the Internet. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2013&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1536&search=PAN03&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN05 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Open Source Applications Using the .NET Platform <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Andi Gutmans, Miguel de Icaza, Rob Conery, Sam Ramji, w hurley<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>What are the secrets of successfully co-mingling x-platforms and browsers? Talk to platform veterans and share your Microsoft/OSS interoperability tips and tricks. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2015&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1538&search=PAN05&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN06 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Designing the Perfect Podcast Player <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Dave Winer<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>No one makes it now but podcast listeners know what they want. Join Dave and Jon in a solidly spirited and productive discussion. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2013&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1539&search=PAN06&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN14 - PANEL DISCUSSION: User Content Awakens Media Giants - the Next 15 Minutes of Fame <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jay Vir, Sayoko Knight, Shane Snoke<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Who has the creativity, energy and passion to change the direction of global media? You do! Listen to industry leaders talk about how new strategies for video and music are being shaped by the user community and how you can be part of the experience. Innovative short form video, to independent film and music, podcasting to vlogs are redefining the entertainment industry. Hear how you can have the next 15 minutes of fame. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2013,2014&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1547&search=PAN14&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD003 - AJAX Patterns with ASP.NET <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Nikhil Kothari<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>This session takes a deeper look at the AJAX paradigm by discussing key development patterns. It demonstrates implementing them using a combination of out-of-the-box features and as well as features built by leveraging the extensibility of the platform. Patterns covered range from fundamentals such as networking, search optimization, navigation, and unobtrusive script attachment to user interface usability techniques such as visual notifications, and customization. The demonstrations are illustrated in the context of a simple scenario, but are designed to be applied directly to real-world applications. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1570&search=XD003&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD007 - Yahoo! on Microsoft .NET 3.0 and Microsoft Expression <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Eric Burke, Josh Jacobson<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come see and hear about the amazing experiences Yahoo! has built using Microsoft .NET 3.0 and Microsoft Expression. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1574&search=XD007&rsscheck=rss Fri, 4 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD012 - Windows Presentation Foundation in Real World Development <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Eric Burke, Kalani Kordus, Lee Brimelow, Mark Ligameri<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Join frog design, Microsoft, and Yahoo! in a discussion and demonstration of the tools and technologies used in the development of the new Yahoo! Messenger. We touch on everything from Microsoft Expression Blend and Microsoft Visual Studio to Photoshop and Cinema 4D. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1579&search=XD012&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV16 - Deep Dive on Data Driven Experiences <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Aaron Dunnington, Tim Scudder<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn how technologies like Silverlight, Language INtegrated Query (LINQ), and SQL Server 2005 can help developers build impactful, dynamic applications that reach the broadest possible audience. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1525&search=DEV16&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XBD09 - Building Rich, Interactive E-commerce Applications Using ASP.NET and Silverlight <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Mark Townsend, Ori Gershony<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come get a sneak preview of the direction that Microsoft is taking for building Rich Interactive applications. In this session, we focus on e-commerce scenarios enabling developer and designers to create easily extensible and customizable applications that use .NET and Silverlight. See some of the initial concepts currently being developed and find out how you can be part of the community that shapes future extensions to ASP.NET. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1567&search=XBD09&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV15 - How to Make AJAX Applications Scream on the Client <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Cyra Richardson<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>What can you do about slow AJAX applications? Take a deep technical dive into optimizing your Web code to run faster and more efficiently. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1524&search=DEV15&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV10 - Extending the Browser Programming Model with Silverlight <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Stefan Schackow<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Learn how to extend your Web applications with Silverlight. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1519&search=DEV10&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV09 - Building Web-Based Line-of-Business Applications on the Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM Platform <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Ben Riga, Dave Porter, Jason Hunt<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>In this session, we explore how developing applications on the Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM platform can speed up delivery of applications in the cloud. We look at the basics of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and delve into how that extends into the cloud in hosted environments or on the Microsoft hosted Dynamics Live CRM. Finally we look at real-life customer scenarios of loosely coupled systems that extend Microsoft CRM or connect with Microsoft CRM over the cloud. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1518&search=DEV09&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XBD05 - Booyah! Designing and Developing Line-of-Business Applications That SIZZLE <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Darren Laybourn, Josh Wagoner, Nathan Dunlap<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>In this session we explore how amping design and taking advantage of data visualization techniques and 3D can make a major impact on usability and ultimately acceptance of line-of-business applications. We follow the Dynamics team's design and development of a next-generation manufacturing production planning tool from vision to eye-popping, jaw-dropping realization in Windows Presentation Foundation. A 3D application that's productive without being gratuitous. Cool! http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1563&search=XBD05&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV18 - Rapidly Building Data Driven Web Pages with Dynamic ADO.NET <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Samuel Druker, Shyam Pather<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn about how new technologies from Microsoft bring together the concepts of dynamic languages and ADO.NET and allow you to quickly develop data driven Web pages using ASP.NET dynamic data controls, scalable to even the most complex databases. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1527&search=DEV18&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DES05 - Design in Motion: Video Production Workflow <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Ben Waggoner<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Creating high quality video is a combination of art and science. Learn the tips from the pros on how to optimize video compression to deliver the best quality at the smallest sizes with Expression Media Encoder, a feature of Microsoft Expression Media. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1507&search=DES05&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV03 - Navigating the Programmable Web <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Don Box, Steve Maine<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>RSS. ATOM. JSON. POX. REST. WS-*. What are all these terms, and how do they impact the daily life of a developer trying to navigate today's programmable Web? Join us as we explore how to consume and create Web services using a variety of different formats and protocols. Using popular services (Flickr, GData, and Amazon S3) as case studies, we look at what it takes to program against these services using the Microsoft platform today and how that will change in the future. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1512&search=DEV03&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD009 - Windows Presentation Foundation for Developers - Part 2 <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Kevin Moore<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the first Microsoft platform designed to empower designers. With tools like Expression Blend, designers can create beautiful experience with little or no code. This talk will discuss how WPF frees developers from mundane pixel tweaking and empowers them to do what they do best: code and business logic. From building data models that allow easy binding to making applications shine with custom components and tasteful 3D, you will learn how code is an essential part of building a great WPF app. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1598&search=XD009&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XBD06 - Selling Stuff on the Web in Style with Microsoft Commerce Server <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Joe Wasson, Ryan Donovan<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>See how to create a themed, enterprise ready, e-commerce storefront capable of handling the largest of transactional retail scenarios. Learn how to get the Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site running and skinned with Microsoft Expression Web, and how to leverage several underlying capabilities via ASP.NET 2.0. Learn about how to deploy, integrate, and manage the site, and find out what the future holds for the evolution of e-commerce technologies for the Microsoft platform. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1564&search=XBD06&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD011 - Windows Presentation Foundation for Developers - Part 1 <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Kevin Moore, Rob Relyea<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a paradigm-shifting framework for building rich Windows applications. Learn how to build an application with seamless deployment, rich user experience, great printing, and the ultimate in information visualization. Walk away understanding the fundamentals of the XAML markup and programming model: layout, controls, documents, media, 2d, 3d, data binding, styling and templating. (This is the first in a two-part series.) http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1578&search=XD011&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BDM02 - Starbucks, Windows Presentation Foundation, and StandOut: Remarkable Brand Delivers Remarkable Presentations <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Ken Martin, Mike Soucie, Nick Petterssen<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come hear how Starbucks elevates their presentation game using a new and innovative Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) based presentation application developed by Electric Rain called StandOut Presentation Solution. See how StandOut, with its ground-breaking user interface, was built using Microsoft Expression Blend and WPF to enable design agencies like BLITZ to boost their revenue and service offerings to clients such as Starbucks. BLITZ is helping Starbucks drive bottom line results by building them a rich and engaging cinematic-style presentation template that is editable by StandOut Presenter Edition, keeping the rich design integrity. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1499&search=BDM02&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BD001 - Amazon Web Services: Building a 'Web-Scale Computing' Architecture <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jeff Barr<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Building a reliable, flexible architecture that can manage the unpredictable nature of today's internet business is challenging. Jeff Barr, Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, will provide the blueprint for 'Web-Scale Computing' - enabling you to utilize Amazon Web Services to build an elastic architecture that can quickly respond to demand. Barr will demonstrate code samples to show you how to build your application on Amazon Web Services' simple APIs. Barr will also showcase real companies who have built their web apps on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1491&search=BD001&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN07 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Can't ASP.NET and PHP Just Get Along? <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Bill Staples, Jesse Liberty, Joe Stagner, Wez Furlong<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>How do you make two great technologies go superbly together? Join a spirited yet friendly discussion on PHP and ASP.NET interoperability. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2015&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1540&search=PAN07&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BD007 - Search Capabilities for Dynamic Web Content <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jonathan Hawkins<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>See what you can do to provide fantastic search results for your Web site. See how to integrate search engine support into your site, how to allow crawlers to index your catalog, and how easy it is to do all of this with ASP.NET. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012,2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1496&search=BD007&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN04 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Beyond the Reader: Improving the Online Media Experience <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Alex Horovitz, Filipe Fortes, Roger Black<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Is it really possible to make online narrative content glamorous? Smart designers are complementing their traditional strengths in branding and narrative with technologies such as WPF to create highly flexible, readable and vibrant online media products. See how designer-delivered digital media can work on-and-off-line, in-and-outside the browser. Envision next year's portal digital world and how can you become part of it. For producers of newspapers, magazines, and TV content, this is the next Web. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2013,2014&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1537&search=PAN04&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD006 - Accessing Data Services in the Cloud <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Pablo Castro<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn about new Microsoft technologies that enable you to make your data available over the Web through a simple REST interface and using open formats such as plan XML, JSON or even RDF. We also discuss the underlying entity framework that makes it easy to model, publish, and program against your data over the Web. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1573&search=XD006&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BDM04 - Interactive Advertising on the Windows Media Center Platform <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Dan Poling, Matthew Rechs, Jason Brush<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn about new interactive ad concepts that leverage the power of the Windows Media Center platform to provide an experience that goes well beyond the thirty second video ad and pre-rolls. In this session we cover the ad concepts that are being developed by the Media Center team for the 10ft space and discuss the rationale and assumptions behind them. We take a look at the advertising benefits of this approach which include better measurement, targeting, and increased engagement through interactivity. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1501&search=BDM04&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DES01 - A View from the Front: Real World Experiences of WPF and Silverlight <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Andy Hood<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>In this session, Andy Hood, Creative Development Director at AKQA, presents a walk-through of several Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight projects designed and built by AKQA this year, from concept through to design and development, showing how the new range of Microsoft Expression tools were used to bring these ideas to life, and how designers and developers worked together to achieve great user experiences. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1503&search=DES01&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BD008 - Making Money with RSS <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Walter VonKoch<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Learn how to use RSS to engage with your customer and pull them directly into your world. Find out how to create new revenue opportunities by enabling your customers to purchase directly from your site's RSS feeds. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012,2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1497&search=BD008&rsscheck=rss Thu, 3 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV17 - Front-Ending the Web with Microsoft Office <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Rob Barker<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn how to make your Web service instantly recognizable to over 400 million people worldwide. Hear how Microsoft Office has evolved to provide for developers to extend the world's most widely used productivity suite with services from the Web. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1526&search=DEV17&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XBD04 - IE7 Past, Present, and Future <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Chris Wilson<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Hear from Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 team about the journey from mea culpa to broad market acceptance. Hear what went right, what had to be cut, and how development priorities are set. Also, understand what Microsoft's browser investments mean to you, and make sure you get a voice in shaping the next version of Internet Explorer. Hear about what features and layout issues are being worked on, and let us know what causes you the most problems. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1562&search=XBD04&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XBD03 - Web Hosting for Web Designers and Developers <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>David Kidd, Derek Curtis, Deven Kampenhout<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Learn about Windows hosting services and how Service providers meet the needs of the growing designer and developer community by using key products from Microsoft Windows Server. We demonstrate how Windows hosting accounts can scale, be secured, and provide easy access to a broad range of Microsoft tools and technologies. The bottom line is that Windows hosting services allow Developers and Designers to more easily code, deploy, and scale ASP.NET applications. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1561&search=XBD03&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XB005 - Citius, Altius, Fortius: Windows Presentation Foundation and the 2008 Olympic Games <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Yeung Leung, Selina Yang, Laurence Moroney, Yang Jinwen<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come hear how Sohu.com, one of the top Web sites in China, is working with the Beijing 2008 Olympic Organizing Committee to build a "Faster, Higher, Stronger" rich client experience for the 2008 Olympic Games using Windows Presentation Foundation. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1557&search=XB005&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XB004 - Creating a Domain Communication Experience on Windows Live <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Alan Walsh, Arnold Blinn, Brian Goldstein, Duane J. Schau<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Learn how to use Windows Live to create a communication experience on your domain! It begins with registering a domain (e.g., mydomain.com), then adding accounts (e.g., myname@mydomain.com) in that domain. These accounts can be used for Messenger, Spaces, and Hotmail, and are differentiated from @hotmail.com and @msn.com accounts. See how our SDK and Open Membership features allow Web developers to create rich communities and applications that connect people with shared interests. Our current customers include universities, small businesses, affinity groups, social clubs, and families. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1556&search=XB004&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN15 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Social Networking: Enabling the Two-Way Street <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Aaron Emigh, Dave Morin, Evan Williams, Marc Canter, Mike Walsh<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Web applications with a social context are here to stay. Are underlying Social Networks a business or feature? How can they be used to enhance bi-directional communication? Join a rich discussion on the impact of social applications and how best to use them as part of your business. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2013&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1548&search=PAN15&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN13 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Culture, Design, Business, and Technology: What? So What? Now What? <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Aaron Marcus, Kelly Goto, Royce Lee<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>How do you make it easy to look bigger and more global than you are? How do you create a maintainable yet personal experience for users around the world? Hear about practices and the trade-offs multi-national companies make to incorporate cultural diversity in user interface design. Talk with companies who touch the global masses successfully every day on incorporating culture to bring results within business, technology, and design groups. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2014&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1546&search=PAN13&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN11 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Services on the Web: Build or Buy <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Aric Weiker, Don MacAskill, George Moore, Jeff Barr, Matt Goyer<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>When does it make sense to buy vs build services such as mapping, targeting and reach/frequency control? Join a discussion with companies who have been there and can share their experiences: large companies who chose to add infrastructure over time and new companies starting in the current environment. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2013,2015&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1544&search=PAN11&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN08 - PANEL DISCUSSION: There Is No Free Lunch <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Andrew Rashbass, Diane McDade, Marc Hedlund, Trevor Hughes<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Advertising supported content and services on the Internet are now taken for granted by most consumers, and marketers have become increasing aggressive in collecting anonymous, and private information from consumers to target more lucrative ads. What should an advertising based business on the Web be looking for in the privacy policies of its advertising partners? How can privacy be used as a competitive advantage? Join our panel of industry experts as we discuss the privacy implications of marketing data collection, and where the line between privacy and monetization should be drawn. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2014,2015&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1541&search=PAN08&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST PAN01 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Great User Experiences for Ad-Supported Content <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Carol Kruse, David Watson, Lance Thornswood, Matthew Rechs<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Advertising and sponsorships pay for most of the media we get for free: television, radio, and on-line news. Different types of ads have different impacts on the user experience. Learn how to make design decisions that enable you to create high-impact ads without sacrificing a high-quality user experience. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2013,2014&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1534&search=PAN01&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST KYN002 - Keynote II <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Robbie Bach<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>No Description Provided. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1010&sessionChoice=2016&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1533&search=KYN002&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV22 - Building Silverlight Applications Using .NET (Part 1 of 2) <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jamie Cool<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>This session demonstrates building a rich interactive application (RIA) using Silverlight. We cover how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to create applications, how to create UI using XAML markup and code, how to build a custom control, how to retrieve data from a Web service, and how to manipulate data with XML and LINQ. (This is the first in a two-part series.) http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1531&search=DEV22&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XBD08 - Lessons Learned: Designer/Developer Productivity in Windows Presentation Foundation <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jonathan Russ, Josh Wagoner<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Join the IdentityMine team for an in-depth discussion around lessons learned on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) designer/developer workflow and productivity. They look at several real world WPF applications they have built and show you how to help maximize productivity across the entire team from Graphic Designer to Interactive Designer to Developer. Also, get a sneak peek at several of IdentityMine's forthcoming Blendables™ Brand WPF Control products and take the opportunity to participate in an open Q&A session with the team. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1566&search=XBD08&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV19 - High-Speed Development with the AJAX Control Toolkit <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>David Anson, Shawn Burke<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is a set of controls and extenders designed to help ASP.NET developers easily integrate rich client UI features into their Web applications. As a community effort, the toolkit contains controls written by Microsoft and non-Microsoft developers who have joined forces to create a powerful, shared-source library for all to use. Learn how to speed up your development by integrating toolkit components into your applications. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1528&search=DEV19&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DES07 - Design Rich Client Experiences with Expression Blend and WPF <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Celso Gomes, Christian Schormann<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Discover Expression Blend and create compelling UX for the Windows client: Draw and animate with vector and bitmap graphics, and add media and 3D. Create interfaces using standard or custom controls and rich layout. Use templates to get the look you want and bind to data for visualization and interactivity. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1509&search=DES07&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV08 - Go Deep with AJAX <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jeff Prosise, Matt Gibbs<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Go below the surface of ASP.NET AJAX and see how the Microsoft AJAX Library and the ASP.NET AJAX server controls come together to create a rich platform for developing more immersive, responsive and interactive Web applications. Learn about how ASP.NET AJAX uses JSON serialization and the JavaScript proxies that are created for accessing Web services. The Microsoft AJAX Library provides an asynchronous request lifecycle; learn tips for working with the UpdatePanel control and ways to deploy scripts for greater performance. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1517&search=DEV08&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV07 - Building Silverlight Applications Using .NET (Part 2 of 2) <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jamie Cool, Nick Kramer<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>This session demonstrates building a rich interactive application (RIA) using Silverlight. We cover how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to create applications, how to create UI using XAML markup and code, how to build a custom control, how to retrieve data from a Web service, znc how to manipulate data with XML and LINQ. (This is the second in a two-part series.) http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1516&search=DEV07&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV05 - Developing ASP.NET AJAX Controls with Silverlight <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Nikhil Kothari<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>This session demonstrates how you can build a new generation of ASP.NET AJAX controls (server and client-side components) that leverage Silverlight to go beyond HTML to enable a new class of compelling user experiences and scenarios. These server controls represent a powerful paradigm that you can leverage to incrementally enrich your ASP.NET applications while preserving a familiar control-based programming model. Silverlight is a cross-platform technology that brings new user interface capabilities such as vector graphics, media, animations and XAML. This talk shows how Silverlight fits naturally into the AJAX development model. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1003&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1514&search=DEV05&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV02 - Just Glue It! Ruby and the DLR in Silverlight <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Jim Hugunin, John Lam<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>The web was built using dynamic languages. Their plain-text format made it easy to mash up scripts to create the next great app. Similarly, dynamic languages will find a home in Silverlight applications where plain-text formats are common. Silverlight can be easily deployed, which means that a wider range of dynamic languages will be used in building browser-hosted applications. In this demo-centric talk, you will see this happen before your eyes as we rapidly create an application by combining code and markup from existing samples in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. This unprecedented level of integration is possible since all of these languages are implemented on top of the new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1511&search=DEV02&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DES04 - Thinking in CSS: How to Build Great Looking Sites <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Molly Holzschlag<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Delve into CSS with Molly Holzschlag, and look at the power CSS offers to Web developers and designers. Hear Molly's secrets about how to build stunning sites quickly and easily. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1506&search=DES04&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BDM05 - Using Windows Live Services in Your Own Web Applications <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Eddie Dombrower, John Richards, Mike Presz, Scott Swanson<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn how to build next generation Web applications that take advantage of Windows Live services. Learn how leading Web sites are using Windows Live to bring more compelling user experiences to market at lower cost and more quickly than ever. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1502&search=BDM05&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BDM03 - The Art, Science, and Business of Killer Content Experiences <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Kevin Gjerstad<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>A new wave of Rich, Interactive Content Applications are emerging and are poised to revolutionize the way content is displayed, read and monetized on screen. Hear how various content applications were built and learn about the business goals and usability principles that drove design. Discover how to use the same principles and technologies to create a killer reading experience of your own. A panel of industry insiders, including guests from the New York Times, ad agencies, and design firms, will share their experiences and participate in a Q&A session about creating rich content experiences. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1500&search=BDM03&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BDM01 - The Emotion of Customer Experience <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Lou Carbone<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Best-selling author Lou Carbone will change the way you think about customer experience forever. Hear examples of companies bridging the brand canyon' to create on-going emotional connections with their customers. Understand how successful businesses find and manage experience "clues" and differentiate between brand management and experience management. Learn how to make the dynamic shift from making-and-selling to sensing-and-responding. Through illustrations from Fortune 100 clients, Carbone shares how to create and execute a systematic design and delivery of experience clues that will have immense impact on customer value, loyalty, and the bottom line. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1498&search=BDM01&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BD006 - Broaden Your Market with Windows Live <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Dave Nicholson, Keiji Kanazawa, Kitty Leung, Paul Elliott<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Build a social application based on the Windows Live contacts, presence, and messaging services. Hear how social applications are benefitting from the robust Windows Live ecosystem. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012,2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1495&search=BD006&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BD003 - Keyword Services Platform (KSP) from Microsoft adCenter <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Dylan Huang, Erynn Peterson, Zhaohui Tang<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come learn how the KSP will revolutionize the search industry by allowing advertisers and developers to build KSP applications using public APIs. This session describes KSP and how it works. It also includes partners that will describe the unique power that this tool offers to advertisers. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012,2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1493&search=BD003&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BD002 - Partying with PHP (...and the Microsoft Platform) <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Joe Stagner<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Learn how to spice up PHP using the unique features of the Microsoft platform. PHP is the center of attention as you learn to build and run a PHP application on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7, and also mingle with the Microsoft AJAX library. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012,2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1492&search=BD002&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST DEV21 - Developing with Windows Live Spaces <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>John Bruno<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Learn how you can add Microsoft Web Gadgets to Windows Live Spaces, which launched as a blogging service two years ago and has grown into a social networking platform with over 100 million users worldwide. Discover how you can create and distribute your own gadgets, unlock the power of SpacesAPI, and learn how to mashup your Spaces data via RSS, BlogIt, MetaWeblog, and more. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1530&search=DEV21&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST BD004 - Opening up Windows Live Data <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Yaron Goland<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Data wants to be free! So come to this technical deep dive to learn how you can POST/GET/PUT/DELETE your way into Windows Live. We'll cover how you can ask users for permission to access and then interact with their Windows Live services (e.g. address book, Spaces, etc.). http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1594&search=BD004&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD001 - Deep Dive on Silverlight Media Integration <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Mike Harsh<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>This session provides an in-depth review of the media functionality available in Silverlight and covers media features, formats supported by Silverlight, high definition video playback, closed captioning, and much more. This session leverages Microsoft Expression Media Encoder, Microsoft Internet Information Services and Windows Media Services to create compelling user scenarios. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1568&search=XD001&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD014 - Ink for Designers and Developers <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Sam Geroge<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Imagine if your users could add handwritten annotations over online photos, greeting cards or video (including live playback of your handwriting). Learn how to use Ink to take your Web sites to new heights of interactivity, personalization, social interaction, and usability. Learn the key design principles for Ink, and see how to code for Ink in the browser and on the server. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1581&search=XD014&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD013 - Using the Desktop and Web to Power Ultimate User Experience Applications <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Eric Hoffman, Michael Bott, Richard Landsman, Roy Ben-Yoseph<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Today's web properties aim to differentiate themselves from their competition by offering dramatically better user experiences to their customers. These new web experiences include improved interactivity, integrated media and easy access to ever-increasing varieties of content. Add the convergence widespread broadband and you'll see that content-rich web properties can now strive for the best of all worlds: an opportunity to offer an ultimate user experience application, powered by web. Attend this session to hear how AOL is deploying Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Gadgets and their Web properties to enhance the experience for their users across AOL content. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1580&search=XD013&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD004 - Designing with AJAX: Yahoo! Pattern Library <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Bill Scott<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>With the recent rise in popularity of AJAX, we now have the opportunity to more closely model the real flow of the user. This presents a radical change to the designer paradigm-designers create in "chunks" while users think in "flows". Come explore interaction styles and design principles that can inform future design projects. Come see a set of common design patterns that are currently in vogue and examples that illustrate good design choices and bad design choices. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1571&search=XD004&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD010 - Family.Show: I See Dead People, with Windows Presentation Foundation <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Scott Stanfield<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>For a hobby that revolves around dead people, genealogy is remarkably popular: it's the fastest-growing scene in North America. And a perfect study for Vertigo's next Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) reference application for Microsoft. Our designers employed every trick in the WPF book (styles, resources, templates, data binding, animation, transforms) to present an innovative visualization of the classic family tree, freeing our developers to concentrate on behind-the-scenes features like XPS, printing, PInvoke wrapper for Windows Vista common dialogs, and Click-Once for WPF. See all of this with hands-on demos and our top-10 list of stuff to know about WPF and Microsoft Expression Blend. And, unlike the real-world case studies, you get the source code. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1577&search=XD010&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD008 - Getting UNSTUCK: Merging Design and Development in a 2.0 World <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Kelly Goto, Kristian Bengtsson<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>If your company is mired in the goo and muck of old-school thinking, throw out your old processes and start collaborating in an agile and innovative way. Talk with workflow veteran and user experience strategist Kelly Goto and creative director of Swedish's strategic communication agency FutureLab, Kristian Bengtsson, about new approaches. Explore how to be courageous, radical and innovative to erase the hard line between front and back design and development teams. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1575&search=XD008&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XD005 - Developing for Microsoft Office Live <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Don Campbell, Rohit Puri<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come find out how to build and deliver your solutions to Small Businesses via Microsoft Office Live. Learn how Office Live uses a combination of software and services to provide the Web presence, business task automation, and collaboration capabilities that until now, only large enterprises could take advantage of. Find out how building on top of Office Live makes your solution more accessible to small businesses, and more profitable to you! http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1572&search=XD005&rsscheck=rss Wed, 2 May 2007 00:00:00 EST XB006 - Experience: A Star to Sail Your Ship By <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Peter Merholz<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Engage in a deep dive on the importance of experience. In this session we cover historical perspective; lay out the evolution of product categories; demonstrate the competitive advantage that experience provides; explain the importance of thinking about your products in a systems fashion; and cap it off with a discussion of Experience Strategy and how it can provide a star to sail your ship by. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1558&search=XB006&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST DEV20 - Developing Data Driven Applications Using the New Dynamic Data Controls in ASP.NET <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Mahesh Prakriya, Polita Paulus<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>ASP.NET dynamic data controls are part of a powerful, rich new framework that lets you create data driven ASP.NET applications extremely easily. ASP.NET dynamic data controls do this by automatically discovering the schema at runtime, deriving behavior from the database and finally creating an ASP.NET page. Anything that can be inferred from the schema works with almost no user effort. If needed, the page can be further customized either by using static languages such as Microsoft Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET, or dynamic languages such as IronPython, Visual Basic, Jscript, etc. In this talk, we show you how to build rich, database driven Web applications from scratch, such as TaskList along with other demos. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1529&search=DEV20&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST PAN12 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Getting Unstuck: Enhancing Designer and Developer Collaboration for Mutual Success <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Chris Messina, Kelly Goto, Kristian Bengtsson, Luke Wroblewski<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Is your team mired in the goo and muck of old-school thinking? Are your designers and developers divided on their approach and about to throw in the towel? Are you dieing to move to a more agile, innovative approach? Attend the session, then participate in this panel discussion with formerly stuck experts. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1015&sessionChoice=2015&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1545&search=PAN12&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST XBD07 - Enable Windows CardSpace and Information Cards in Your Web Site <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Garrett Serack, Mike Jones, Pat Felsted<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Do you want to get started with Windows CardSpace, but don't know where to start? CardSpace simplifies and strengthens the authentication experience on the Internet. Whether your Web site runs on ASP.NET, PHP, Java or whatever, you can learn the simple, step-by-step approach to integrating support for information cards in your Web site, with support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and FireFox. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1565&search=XBD07&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST DEV14 - Using Visual Studio Codename "Orcas" to Design and Develop Rich AJAX Enabled Web Sites <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Omar Khan<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>See how Microsoft Visual Studio codename "Orcas" takes Web development to the next level. See a demo-filled tour of all improvements in Visual Studio around ASP.NET and AJAX development. Topics covered include a new standards-based design surface for XHTML and CSS, Intellisense for javascript, tools for ASP.NET AJAX, and more. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1523&search=DEV14&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST XB002 - Next Design 3.0, Making Sense of Design Now <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>GK VanPatter<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>In the strategic design space, "defuzzing the future" involves helping organizations figure out what their challenges and opportunities actually are and then helping them move forward in human-centered ways. Come see how the new generation of design agencies becomes more involved in complex organizational issues, in the creation of organizations, and in their many innovation-related systems. Learn about the new skills and tools that are needed to transform existing design agencies into organizations that are prepared for new strategic design opportunities. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1554&search=XB002&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST BD005 - Building a Real, Money-Making Business Application Using Microsoft Virtual Earth <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Aric Weiker, John Pope, Matt Goyer, Ken Miller, Vineet Joshi, Nahum Rand<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come hear how companies are enhancing their customer experience on the Web using the Microsoft Virtual Earth Map Control. Hear how everyone from startups to Fortune 500s are taking advantage of the feature-rich, enterprise-ready programming interface Virtual Earth provides. The Virtual Earth team and key partners share state-of-the-art examples and business scenarios that go beyond curiosity and drive real business. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012,2010&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1494&search=BD005&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST XB003 - ZAP!, WHAM!, KAPOW!: Windows Presentation Foundation and the Next Generation of Online Comic Book Reading <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Nathan Dunlap, Robby Ingebretsen<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come see us demonstrate the development of the comic reading experience using the Microsoft Expression suite of design tools. Just as the NY Times Reader project dramatically improves the newspaper reading experience, our Windows Presentation Foundation-based approach to comic reading does the same thing for traditional print-based comic books. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2010,2011&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1555&search=XB003&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST DEV04 - Using LINQ to Dramatically Improve Data Driven Development in Web Applications <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Anders Hejlsberg<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Modern applications operate on data in several different forms: Relational tables, XML documents, and in-memory objects. Each of these domains have profound differences in semantics, data types, and capabilities, and much of the complexity in today's applications is the result of these mismatches. Anders Hejlsberg, Microsoft Technical Fellow and Chief Architect for Microsoft Visual C# and LINQ, will explain how LINQ (Language Integrated Query) unifies these programming models and dramatically improves the experience of creating data intensive Web applications. Anders promises to have few slides and lots of live code demos! http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1513&search=DEV04&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST DEV12 - The Megasite: Infrastructure for Internet Scale <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Aber Whitcomb, Allen Hurff, Jim Benedetto<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Come hear MySpace share its experiences using Microsoft technologies to run Web applications for the most visited site on the Web. MySpace discusses its best practices for a massively scalable, federated application environment, and how it matured its deployment processes. An open Q&A session lets you pick the brains of engineers from both MySpace and Microsoft.com. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1521&search=DEV12&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST KYN001 - Keynote I <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Ray Ozzie, Scott Guthrie<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Ray Ozzie explains how Software + Services from Microsoft is pushing the envelope of what's possible on the Web today. Scott Guthrie then delivers an in-depth look at the tools and technologies Microsoft has built for Web developers and designers to help them work better together in creating immersive experiences on the Web. This is followed by a Q&A session with Michael Arrington of TechCrunch interviewing Ray and Scott. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1010&sessionChoice=2016&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1532&search=KYN001&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST XD002 - The 30 Minute Social Application <strong>Speaker(s): </strong>Danny Thorpe, David Cruickshank, Koji Kato, Lynn Ayres, Rex Sorgatz, Mark O'Farrell<br><br><strong>Abstract: </strong>Many controls are being developed to open up Windows Live to developers. Come see how you can start using Windows Live services today. http://sessions.visitmix.com/default.asp?year=All&event=1011&sessionChoice=2011,2012&sortChoice=4&stype=asc&id=1569&search=XD002&rsscheck=rss Tue, 1 May 2007 12:59:07 EST